Thomas Bakke

Coach Thomas Bakke discovered his passion for fitness at a young age shortly after he stopped high school wrestling and pursuing weight lifting.  He ended his wrestling career weighing 119lbs and malnourished, with the goal of gaining healthy weight, adding lean muscle and building the physique he admired from what he saw in bodybuilding magazines growing up.

Through years of trial and error, studying kinesiology and putting all of his focus into learning about training, nutrition and supplementation he set out the goal of doing his first competition in the Men’s Physique category where he placed 1st and his very first competition and fell in love with the competition aspect of bodybuilding. Within 14 months of competing he won 3 NPC overalls, turned pro at Jr. USA Nationals, and won his Pro Debut just 2 weeks after earning his IFBB pro card which qualified him for the 2017 Mr. Olympia. 

His passion for bodybuilding grew from pushing his physique to its full potential, to coaching others to guide themselves to reach theirs and build their best physique possible. He has guided 3 athletes to earn their IFBB Pro Cards and over 30+ athletes of all divisions pursue their dreams of stepping on stage with multiple 1st pace wins. 

Thomas is a coach that works with not only athletes but people of all different experience levels to build confidence, better their health & performance, improve their quality of life and ultimately step into their new identity of becoming a fit & healthy individual. With over 10 years in the fitness industry he strives to help transform more and more people every year with a goal of implementing health and fitness into as many people’s lives as he can.

He teaches his clients about mindset, discipline, structure along side training, nutrition and supplementation for them to not only step into the body they have always dreamed of, but to also learn the skills needed so they can implement them daily for the rest of their lives.